Benefits of booking with VI3WS?

  • 4 FREE events

  • Photographers/videographers

  • VIP Check-in

  • Transportation

  • Payment plans

  • VI3WS Swag Bag

  • Access to Exclusive Excursions/Events ($)

  • Premium All-Inclusive Accommodations

What are the date range(s) for the trip?

  • 3 Nights (7/5 - 7/8)

  • 4 Nights (7/4 - 7/8)

Can I extend my stay?

  • Yes! To figure out the cost take your current rate and divide it by the number of nights within your original payment plan :).

    • Example Registration $100 + $500 = $600 for 3 nights. An additional night would cost $200.

Are payment plans available?

  • Yes, please refer to VI3WS registration page for more details

What does All-Inclusive mean?

  • Food, Alcohol, & Non-alcoholic beverages included in your reservation

How do I pick my roommate?

  • List your roommate during registration

What If I do not have a roommate?

  • You will be placed in the roommate pool (optional)

Are single rates available?

  • Our current room blocks are for double + triple occupancy rooms but will accommodate single travelers if opting out of the roommate pool. Single rate plans start at $1,050. Send an e-mail to info@getup2go.com for more details.

Are rates cheaper for triple or quad occupancy?

  • No, there are no significant cost savings for triple or quad occupancy rooms.

How will I get to the resort?

  • You're VIP, simply share your flight details and we will arrange your transport

Are flights included in my rate?

  • In an effort to keep our deposits low we have opted out of flight packages

What airport should I fly into?

  • All airport transfers will be covered from (UVF and SLU)

  • UVF is the cheapest option rates range from $450 - $850 so be sure to shop around for airports within driving distance.

What if I need to cancel?

  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

What if my roommate cancels?

  • If your roommate cancels you will be placed in the roommate pool

What if I miss my payment?

  • 3 day grace period

  • $50 day late payment fee

What time is check in?

  • 3pm

Are discounts available?

  • Yes! refer to the Perks/Events Page for our referral contest!

What is the resort name?

  • Royalton St. Lucia